Here’s an example of a healthy carbday!

As you adopt a more or less active lifestyle, your carbohydrate requirement will increase or, conversely, decrease. A person who travels by car, has a desk job, does not do much sport and sits on the sofa in the evening after work will thus need fewer carbohydrates than someone who goes to work by bike, does an hour of sport three times a week and likes to go dancing at the weekends. If you have a healthy weight, it is because your energy intake is balanced in relation to your energy expenditure. 
If you now need to lose weight, it is because you are currently eating too much.
The key is to adapt your diet and gradually reduce your portion sizes. Often, the simple act of reducing the amount of bread that you eat at bread based meals by 1-2 slices and making a slight adjustment to quantities of potatoes, rice or pasta can make a difference.
  • For breakfast:
    You must start the day with a healthy breakfast! This is essential.
    If you like bread, then opt for whole wheat bread. Similarly, if you prefer to eat cereal or crackers, choose whole grain or multi-grain varieties. But beware... many breakfast cereals are high in sugar. If you wish, you can add a piece of fruit to your breakfast. It's a healthy way to start the day. Here is an example of a good breakfast:
    2 slices of whole wheat bread, with a little low calorie spread and a small slice of low fat cheese on top, with a kiwi to finish.
  • A healthy snack:
    Ideally this would be fruit, an unsweetened low fat dairy product or a healthy cereal biscuit, if it is more convenient. Do not forget to drink!
  • For lunch:
    The midday meal is equally important. Try to devote some time to it every day. If it has to be quick, a simple bread meal with three slices of brown bread with a low-fat accompaniment is ideal. If you have more time, opt for a delicious salad or a bowl of soup to accompany your bread. It is also easy to make open sandwiches with a few slices of cucumber, tomato or lettuce leaves.
  • For dinner:
    The problem here is often the carbohydrate element... the potatoes, rice or pasta on our plate give us a lot of carbohydrates. And very often we eat more than we need. What often helps here, if you want to lose a few pounds, is to slightly reduce portion sizes. The rule of eating ¼ plate of carbohydrates is a good guideline. Ideally, opt for boiled or steamed potatoes, whole grain wheat, brown rice, whole wheat pasta or a few slices of bread. When you fry potatoes, or prepare them with cream, or mash them with butter, they literally become calorie bombs. If pasta is on the menu, then make a sauce with lots of fresh vegetables and add a little extra. In this way you can slightly reduce the proportion of pasta.
  • The other danger... is snacking on the sofa
    In the evening, we have a tendency to indulge in sweet things after the meal. Opt for a healthy evening snack, such as fruit, yoghurt, a cereal biscuit or low fat pudding made without sugar. Brush your teeth after the meal. This helps to reduce sugar cravings.
Do you need to lose weight, but eat much bigger amount of farinaceous products than the portions recommended above ?
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