How many carbohydrates should I eat? 

The food pyramid recommends 5-12 slices of bread per day and 3-5 pieces of cooked potato. The difference between this recommendation and our own is of course significant; this is an amount for people with a healthy weight. If you wish to lose weight, then these quantities have to be reduced.
This obviously depends on how many excess pounds you feel you carry. You can always ask a dietician to calculate your personal energy requirements. They can also prepare you a daily program. XLS Medical products can help you to gradually reduce portion sizes.
The rules for bread consumption when you want to lose weight are as follows:
  • Little physical activity: 4 to 5 slices of bread/day (office worker, housewife, always travels by car, no sport)
  • Moderate physical activity: 5 to 6 slices of bread/day (sport 1-2 times per week or moderate activity work, such as waiting tables or patient care)
  • Intense physical activity: 6 to 8 slices of bread/day (sport 3-4 times per week or heavy work, such as construction or farming)
If you wish, you can replace one slice of bread (30g) with:
30g of baguette, 25g raisin, 3 tablespoons of unsweetened breakfast cereal, 2 crackers.
For your main meal, the rule is:
½ plate of vegetables
100-150 g of lean meat/fish/substitute products.
¼ plate of carbohydrate (+/- 150-250 g potatoes
= 90 - 160 g cooked pasta or rice)
These are simple guidelines and can vary from one person to another.
In general we find that most women lose weight with a 1500 kcal / day program, while men can go up to 1800. The speed at which this program will help you to lose weight will depend on your energy expenditure and your metabolism.